Triad Dirt Scooter

Color: Green/Black
Sale price$360.00


The newly updated Triad 'Shape Shifter' Dirt Scooter is ready to shred some trails or add an extra challenge to a park cruise. Super fast 100PSI tires can get you plenty of air time to trick this thing just like your regular scooter... just double the weight! With that said however this Triad dirt scooters is amazingly light for its size and strength. The top half of this dirt scooter is fully compatible with the normal freestyle scooter market- now including the newer and lighter Triad SCS.

This build comes with a unique adhesive rubber mat griptape-alternative that is designed with dirt in mind. 

The bars are going to feel different than your regular scooter, this dirt scooter comes with a 27" ride height but that will feel more like 28" compared to a regular scooter. 

Foot Room: 15.3”

Deck: 23" long by 5.9" Wide with Steel Brake

Ride Height: (Deck to Bar) 31.5"

Weight: 12.5lbs Total

*Bars must be inserted and clamp tightened

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