Apex 5-Wide Angled Deck

Color: Black
Sale price$290.00


The Apex Deck is known to be the highest quality deck on the market, Australian made craftsmanship, timeless and tested design, balanced without any shortcuts on quality or performance. The extra machining that goes into the high end hardware really makes a difference to keep your scooter dialed.

This deck includes a brake to match the style of the angled back end. The Apex decks feature a longer head tube than some other brand decks so please ensure your fork tube is long enough for your chosen compression system.  


Width: 5” 

Length: 19.375” 

Foot Room: 13.5” 

Head Tube Length: 4.375”

Extrusion Height: 1” 

Deck Weight with Hardware: 3lbs

Accepts Wheel Size Up to: 110x24mm 


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