Custom Scooter- #2476 Lightweight

Sale price$570.00


This custom build is from our popular TikTok account!

Super lightweight custom build featuring the highly sought out Pandemonium V2 Deck- the lightest deck out there! Held together with other quality lightweight components this custom scooter is ready for the skatepark! 

Suitable for small or younger rider. Contact us about any questions, or to get a free custom bar sizing before shipment! 

Price of parts totaled up= $570

Parts Included:

Deck: Pandemonium V2 19.7”

Bars: Dryad Aluminum

Compression system/ Clamp: IHC / Sylphe Clamp

Headset: Aztek Raw

Forks: Merrow V3

Wheels: Drone Helios 

Grips: Prime Mix-Match

Griptape: Coarse 



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