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Price Level: Tier 1
Bar Style: T Bar
Deck Style: Non-Boxed
Sale price$200.00




We will build up a custom scooter to fit your requirements and size! The price of these parts purchased aftermarket will always cost more than these discounted completes! So not only is this the easiest way to get a custom, its the most affordable!!

With a price point to meet anyones needs; let the experts at ECX take care of all the hard work! 

We are the leading experts in high-strength, properly assembled trick scooters.

No one else can make a scooter stronger than ECX- we have the machinery to custom make specialized hardware to fill the bridge of incompatibilities between brands. We are the only shop offering the customization services available to you at little to no cost. We often upgrade inferior hardware with custom hardware- this saves you money as well as injury (we know from experience)!

This is the rider-owned advantage!

It sounds to good to be true because we are the ONLY shop doing it like we do... 20+ Years in industry, Rider Owned, Rider Operated, giving back to the sport and communities that support us!

STOP spending hundreds on custom scooters from other online shops that were built incorrectly by people that have never done a briflip in their life!

START with an ECX easy custom- the best quality custom scooters out there! We offer free assembly of the scooter prior to shipment for those who request it. We also love to make a video of your custom, as that is a common request, we can event shout out your TikTok page by request!

Buying a custom scooter online part by part is hard, so we give you the closest experience to being in our shop; we can talk on the phone, video chat, or just trust us with most of the work to design a phenomenal custom scooter! 

How does it work???

Select a handful of easy options to allow us to pinpoint what you need, and we encourage you to give us a call or write us a message in the notes about what sort of tricks you want to learn and where you will mostly be riding, and what colors you want! Keep in mind we design scooters for strength and style first, then make accommodations for color and appearance second! These are not toys; they are not collectables- they are intended to be scratched, destroyed and replaced due to impact from extreme trick riding.

Explaining the pricing tiers:

Teir 1 option will be customizing of minor parts on an entry level scooter. This level is intended for young or small riders looking to get a custom to get started with the sport of scootering without the 400-700 custom price!

Teir 2 is a budget option, you will get a high quality scooter utilizing some aftermarket parts, limited options to fit budget! 

Tier 3 will provide you with a high quality fully customizable scooter! This is the most popular option, and our recommendation if you are looking for a fully aftermarket scooter.

Tier 4 will provide you with a high quality fully customizable scooter with Titanium bars! 

CUSTOM TIER if you are looking for something in between, place your order for the closest tier that fits your needs, and we can invoice you for additional customization later on if you want upgrades to original purchase. 

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