Ethic DTC Medium Pandora Scooter

Color: Black
Sale price$250.00


If you are looking for a solid scooter ready to slam any street gap, or balance on a variety of rails, than the new Pandora complete is the go-to scooter for you! The perfect out-of-the-box scooter for someone ready to upgrade away from their first scooter and step onto a real beast of a build. 

This scooter is built up with some of Ethics most popular aftermarket products for a fraction of the price, it would be around $400 to buy all these products separately! 

Roll smooth thanks to the hard 88A PU Wheels, the smaller urethane profile helps prevent dehubbing and the extra wide profile helps stabilize your riding.

Manual and grind right out of the box like never before!

The coarse griptape is known to be some of the best in the industry. Its sitting on top the new Pandora deck, coming in at " to help stabilize grinds and stalls with the added stability and strength of the large deck ends.


Bar: 22” Width x 24.5” Height

Deck: 5.1” Width x 20.5” Length

Headtube: 84 Degrees 

Shape: Boxed

Weight: 7.3lbs Total

Wheels: 115mm x 30mm Spoked Wheels

Forks: Aluminum HIC

Clamp: Double m8 Bolt


*Bars must be inserted and clamp tightened.

(This Item will ship separate from other items purchased)

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