Ethic DTC Small Erawan V2 Scooter

Color: Black
Sale price$220.00


If you are looking for a lightweight build to flow around any skatepark than the new Erawan Complete Scooter is perfect for you! This scooter is built up with some of Ethics most popular aftermarket products for a fraction ton of the price.

The bars provide a unique feel; the back sweep helps keep you in control, and the side fluting helps make these some of the lightest bars on the market!

Roll smooth thanks to the hard 88A PU Wheels, the smaller urethane profile helps prevent dehubbing and the core was design with weigh reduction in mind. 

The coarse grip tape is known to be some of the best in the industry. Its sitting on top the newest version of the Erawan deck, now coming in wider than before at 4.7" to help stabilize grinds and stalls.

Deck: 18.7” Long by 4.7” Wide with Nylon Brake

Foot Room: 12.2"

Bars: Aluminum 22” High by 22” Wide

Wheels: 110mm x 24mm Spoked Incube Wheels

Forks: Aluminum IHC

Clamp: Double m8 Bolt


Weight: 6.2lbs Total

*Bars must be inserted and clamp tightened.

(This Item will ship separate from other items purchased)

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