Fuzion Hunter Frost Signature Deck

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Support the amazing and well-known Pro, Hunter Frost by buying his first Signature Deck by Fuzion Pro Scooters.

Finally- the dimensions you have all been asking for in a signature deck, 5 inches wide yet only 19.5 inches long. Fuzion decks have long been known as the go-to deck of choice for any younger rider looking to take their scooter to the next level without adding a lot of weight. Most decks coming in at 5" wide will be at least 20" in length, so the 19.5" length here will create good stability without changing a smaller scooters overall weight-balance too much.

Width: 5” 

Length: 19.5” 

Foot Room: 13.5"

Head Tube Length: 4.125” 

Weight: 3lbs

Extrusion Height: 1” 

Accepts Wheel Size Up to: 120x30mm

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