North Ethan Kirk 115x30mm Wheels

Sale price$80.00


These are some BEEFY wheels! A whole 30mm wide PU and matching 30mm wide core means you will need a fork and deck that can accept this size. Wide wheels are known to provide extra stability and strength all around. The one downside is some added weight, but if your looking at wide wheels thats probably not a concern for you!

Outer Diameter: 115mm

Core Width: 30mm

Core Diameter: 80mm

PU Width: 30mm

PU Height: 17.5mm

PU Hardness: 88A Durometer

PU Shape: Rounder

Weight: .7lbs (11.2oz) Per Wheel (w/Bearings)

Installed Bearing Set Included


*PU- Polyurethane

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