Triad and Oath C127 Complete- Arcane

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Triad products are currently a team ECX favorite, with that said this scooter comes with the newest version of the Triad decks that provides stability and strength with minimal weight. This scooter is under 8lbs thanks to the lightweight parts including Aluminum bars. Equipped with the crowd favorite size; 110mm wheels (yet ready to go if you should ever choose to go up to 120mm). These wheels are made up of two individually spoked aluminum hubs paired together under fast 88a PU in a classic shape. 

Hard to miss a whip with this colorful deck under your feet, and nose-blunts are a dream on the Triad line of decks.  

Deck: 20.5” Long by 5” Wide with Nylon Brake

Foot Room: 14.25”

Bars: Aluminum 25” High by 22” Wide

Wheels: 110mm x 24mm Spoked Hollow Core Wheels

Forks: Aluminum IHC

Clamp: Double Clamp, m8 Bolts

Ride Height: (Deck to Bar) 31.5"

Weight: 7.75lbs Total

*Bars must be inserted and clamp tightened

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