Undialed Transparent Griptape- Flower

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The all new line of transparent grippes from Undialed looks amazing under your feet! Designs unlike anything else on the market, the transparent Graphic provides an interesting element in the ascetic of your scoot. Sticker potential get maximized with see through griptape!

The ECX Scooter Shop recommends this tape for bright or light colored decks only as the colors do not pop as much on top of black. 

New/Replacement griptape sheet for your scooter. Griptape comes as a large rectangular shape to be able to fit on a variety of deck sizes. Modification is required- trace, cut and file to give the perfect fit onto your scooter!

(Checker-Board means fully clear)

Griptape Size: 24" x 6"

Grit Size: Regular

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