Versatyl BMV2 Beginner Scooter

Color: Black
Sale price$145.00


Upgrade away from your toy scooter and enter into the sport of scootering!

Ready to go with everything you need to learn your first tricks flat, down a set or at the skatepark! Sized up perfect for a younger rider who is anywhere between 4'5" to 5'3" Tall. Weight was at the forefront of design coming in at an amazing six and a half pounds in total weight. Mostly thanks to the stylish and light aluminum bars, making this scooter better to maneuver around in arial style tricks.

Nice hard 88a PU Wheels are ready to handle the streets or flow around any park with the lightweight core design.


Deck: 20” Long by 4.65” Wide with Nylon Brake

Foot Room: 14"

Bars: Aluminum 23.5” High by 21” Wide

Wheels: 110mm x 24mm Spoked Wheels

Forks: Steel IHC

Clamp: Double m8 Bolts


Weight: 6.5lbs Total

*Bars must be inserted and clamp tightened.

(This Item will ship separate from other items purchased)

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