If you are coming into the shop, we have regular hours posted on our website and google, however we encourage you to call if you plan to travel far, as  many of our customers do, to ensure no special closure or event is going on. Let us help you find the perfect scooter, design you're dream custom, or get the right part to excel your riding to the next level! If you are building a custom and want to ensure you will have full and devoted attention to assist you, feel free to call and schedule an appointment for a custom build, before or after our normal hours. A custom build is a very fun but involving process so if you feel like you will need extra assistance, not a problem! Please plan to schedule at least 2 days in advance. Scheduling for a custom build is not mandatory, you are more than welcome to come during our regular hours for a build, and more than likely we will be able to assist you just as well, appointments are just for a guaranteed devotion to you if wanted! Most instals can be done on the spot in a timely manner, as noted we offer FREE install on everything purchased here and most people hangout while we instal parts. You are also more than welcome to leave and pickup at a later time, we are here to provide the best service we possibly can and will do so however reasonable possible! Just let us know if theres anything we can do for you to help your buying experience. Rider-Owned doesn't just mean that we love the sport, it also means we are always looking out for our customers to help save you money where we can, and avoid headaches as much as possible with our services! We encourage you to take advantage of the services and customer experience we offer. 

​If you are shopping online, we strongly encourage you to involve ECX with any questions or guidance you may need. If you would like to to schedule a phone call to do a custom build, just give us a ring! We can build up a scooter in real time while we are on the phone with you- ensuring the best possible build with guaranteed compatibility and FREE assembly and bar sizing. With so many parts and brands out there theres a million combinations that do and don't work together, we have one of the largest knowledge bases on compatibility, and will do everything we can to make sure your scooter is dialed and proper. In some situations, If you have run into issues elsewhere and need some serious help, you can contact us to send us photos so we can help fix any issue, and if really needed you can also contact us to ship your scooter to our warehouse, so we can fix it the best we can. if you are ordering parts or a custom scooter please continue reading about shipping information.