We have extensive knowledge on the compatibility of different parts, so we encourage you to contact us for any help picking out parts for your scooter. This is especially important with full custom builds. We try to list as much detail as possible to help you choose parts that work together. Always take note of any notes about dimensions and compatibility on each products description. For example, Aluminum bars outer diameters are listed in the product description to highlight that a non-oversized clamp will not work with it.

ECX is not responsible if you order parts that do not work together, so we highly suggest you to seek our assistance if you are unsure, and we will be more than happy to guide you. If we think you may have ordered parts that do not work together, we will contact to make sure there was no error, but we cannot ensure compatibility unless we were involved with the process through guidance or checking with us. The best part is, our help is FREE when shopping with us, just give us a ring and we can chat to talk about what you're looking for and explain anything you are unsure of with parts or scooters. 

ECX offers FREE bar cutting and Installation when applicable on product purchased here. Bars are measured from the top of the dust cover to the middle of the cross bar in inches, width is measured from one side to another, following any backsweep, in inches as well. SCS systems must use bars without a slit, keep in mind most SCS utilize 1.5" rise. For example, if you request bars to be cut to 21.5" with no slit, you would be riding 23" High in an SCS. If you have an SCS system, and request to ride 21.5", your bars will be cut to 20" with no slit. So please ensure you communicate properly any special requests for bar sizing.