Avid Hourglass Single Peg

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The original Hourglass Pegs, the first pegs to be released with curvature to the shape, rather than a traditional cylindrical peg. Designed by Michael Pytel in 2012, and developed since then to create a beneficial shape for grinds or stalls. The obvious benefit is the unbelievable control on coping of any size. The curvature of the peg has been tested to find the exact radii to compliment tricks on coping, but these pegs are not only for coping and round rails. The peg is designed with a flat side on the end, and matching height point on the opposite, allowing it to grind on flat surfaces with added benefits. Less surface area where needed creates an all around better grind; slippage is minimized and control is maximized. The peg thickness is designed to be thicker at stress points, making the Hourglass Peg extremely resilient. The curvature is continued in the interior of the peg, reducing all un-needed weight.

Pegs are on add-on part that expands the amount of tricks you can do on your scooter when it comes to grinds and stalls. Not all scooters can use pegs!

Peg Material: Steel 

Peg Length: 2” (50mm)

Peg Outer Diameter: 1” (25mm)

Axle Length: 2.75” (70mm) 

Weight:  .15 lbs/peg



One Peg

One Axle/Nut

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