Aztek Europa 2 | Austin Coates

Length: 23
Sale price$200.00


Aztek set out to improve the Europa deck for pro rider Austin Coates by making it more than a half pound lighter than the previous Europa deck, and boy, does it make a difference. It's even lighter than our 666 deck, even though it is substantially bigger.

Lets talk about the 23"- first off most of you would measure this deck out at 22" becouse front to back of the deck plate is 22"... That said it has an astounding 16.5" of foot space and dimensionally would have a wheel base similar to a 23. The bottom of the deck has been majorly improved by making the flat surface much wider, with ultra smooth contours for improved control while grinding.


Now, the 24" is a different story. Without the cutouts this deck got some lumpy bumps down the bottom center. Not sure if this was intentional or designed out, but either way we got what we got! So lock into some crazy boardslides and fakie-boards with the uniform center bumps. Most anyone with a tape measure would call this deck 23" long. 


Crowd favorite, 84Degree HTA to compliment the large size and style of this beauty.

Axle spacers are now a lightened CNC aluminum piece for even more weight savings.

This is the biggest deck Aztek makes, at 7" wide it is available in a stunning Space Gray anodized finish, with Austin's signature graphics on the bottom.

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