EASY Custom Builder

Size: Small
Bar Material: Steel
Priority: Strength
Sale price$250.00



We will build up a custom scooter to fit your requirements and size! 

How does it work???

Select a handful of easy options to allow us to pinpoint what you need, and we encourage you to give us a call or write us a message in the notes about what sort of tricks you want to learn and where you will mostly be riding! Keep in mind we design scooters for strength and style first, then make accommodations for color and appearance after! These are not toys; they are not collectables- they are intended to be scratched, destroyed and replaced due to impact from extreme trick riding.  

What if i wanted to choose all the parts and brand names?

Then you should buy a regular custom by choosing each part out, we still offer free assembly and other services, just reach out for help!

We are the leading experts in high-strength, properly assembled trick scooters.

No one else can make a scooter stronger than ECX- we have the machinery to custom make specialized hardware to fill the bridge of incompatibilities between brands. We are the only shop offering the customization services available to you at little to no cost. We often upgrade inferior hardware with custom hardware- this saves you money as well as injury (we know from experience)!

This is the rider-owned advantage!


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