Ethic Incube Wheels

Color: Red
Sale price$50.00


The Incube Wheels are a ECX Team favorite!

Lightweight and cheaper than most other wheels!

Sticking with the reliable Ethic style, the wheels feature a slim and flatter PU shape. The larger core and smaller PU height means theres less surface area to be damaged on side swipes, helping to prevent de-hubs. The flatter PU shape won't help you make sharp carves in a bowl but it will help keep you stable while riding in fakie or landing at a slight angle. 

Outer Diameter: 110mm

Core Width: 24mm

Core Diameter: 89mm

PU Width: 24mm

PU Height: 11mm

PU Hardness: 88A Durometer

PU Shape: Flatter

Weight: .47lbs (7.5oz) Per Wheel (w/Bearings)

Installed Bearing Set Included



*PU- Polyurethane

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