Ethic Tenacity V2 Bars

Color: Black
Size: 24.4”
Sale price$100.00



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This is version 2 of the phenomenal Tenacity T-bar.

It retains all the qualities that made the first Tbar such a success, while making a host of improvements: 25% stronger on the welding area, and now 70g lighter thanks to improved butted management (the lightest chromoly bar).
the Tenacity V2 brings together everything that's best in a simple T-bar.

It is now compatible with BPM as well as aluminum bar ends that screw directly onto the ends of the handlebars.
Still 60 cm wide (23.6 in), with an oversized tube (34.9 mm), it now comes in larger sizes:  26.4" / 28.4" / 30.4"

Weight: 670: 2.03 lbs (920g) / 720: 2.09 lbs (950) / 770: 2.19 lbs (995g)

HIC or SCS Compatible 

Heights: 26.4", 28.4", & 30.4"

Width: 23.8"

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