Fuzion Entropy V2 Deck Non-Boxed

Color: Black
Width: 4.75"
Sale price$160.00


Fuzion decks have long been known as the go-to deck of choice for any younger rider looking to take their scooter to the next level without adding a lot of weight. 

If you are looking for a small and light deck to whip and fling around any quarterpipe or box jump; the Entropy V2 was made for you!

Width: 4.75" or 5” 

Length: 19.5” 

Foot Room: 13.5"

Head Tube Length: 4.125” 

Weight: 3lbs

Extrusion Height: 1” 

Accepts Wheel Size Up to: 120x30mm (spacers included for both 24/30 wide)

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