Native Ventura Deck

Color: Black
Size: 6 x 22
Sale price$235.00


The increased blunt space, 84* head tube angle and broad but mellow crook groove makes getting into, and holding crooks with more stability.

Decent concave for an enhanced feel. Changes to the extrusion walls helped to increase strnegth in the deck plate, while also providing the space for a larger down tube significantly increasing the weld surface area on the deck and head tube.

The Ventura can fit most wheels thanks to 3 included sets of adaptive spacers - 24mm wheels with an 8mm axle, 30mm wheels with an 8mm axle and 30mm wheels with a 12mm axle.


Deck Specs:

Weight: 4.3lbs (6x22) up to 4.8lbs (7x24) 

Foot Room: 16” w/22" Long (add additional length)

Head Tube Length: 4.3"

Extrusion Height: 1” 

Deck Weight with Hardware: 2.91lbs 

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