North Horizon G2 6.2 Deck

Length: 22
Color: Black
Sale price$185.00


The Horizon deck is back with some subtle improvements!

Some of the best riders in the world ride this deck- many that do lots of grinds and street riding would say the fully flat bottom is one of the best aspects of this deck. 

This is definitely not the deck to go with if you are looking for a lightweight setup, but if you are tired of breaking decks every month, hop on a North to gain some reliability under your feet. The North Horizon is known to be one of the beefiest decks out there and comes with an adjustable brake to maximize foot room too. 

This deck feels super comfy to lock into any big grind with 3° concave, a flat bottom and includes spacers to fit 30mm wheels or 24mm.

Width: 6.2” 

Length: 22" or 23"

Foot Space: 16" / 17"

Head Tube Angle: 83.5"

Weight: 4lbs 15oz / 5lbs 2oz


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