Prey Till Death SCS | Sten Magnus

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Height: 80mm
Bolts: 4pcs M8 custom PREY made, 12.9 hardness
Compression bolt: M6 30mm and top-cap (fits M8 also) included
Material: 6061-T6 alu CNC
Weight: 9.17oz / 260g incl. bolts

Sten Magnus signature SCS.

Sten wanted just a tad lower clamp than our Cage, and a little bit thicker, so Lars drew this at 80mm with a “bomb proof approach”. Smooth curves on the backside, clean cuts on the front.
The bolts are our own custom made for perfect fit and maximum strength.
About the graphic, Sten takes the bus past this graveyard every day, and it makes the mind wander..go all in and leave a mark.
We normally anodize all parts, but for this clamp the effect of the drawing got much better with pure clear black paint.
The job getting this graphic smoothly wrapped around the clamp almost gave us a heart attack…but as with most hard work, worth it in the end!

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