Proto Integrattron Headset

Color: Black
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The PROTO Integrattron Integrated headset is another industry first from PROTO scooters. It is the lightest and strongest headset on the market by reducing the amount of parts needed to perform compared to a traditional integrated headset. Combining the top-cap and compression ring into a single component also adds additional support to the fork tube reducing the chances of fork tube bending or breakage in the same area as a traditional rubber O-ring supported top-cap. Less parts means you can enjoy premium performance at an accessible price. Enjoy the finely tuned precision of the PROTO Integrattron Integrated headset.


Dust Cover Height: .1” (2.5mm)

Dust Cover Top-Surface OD: 1.65” (42mm)

A headset essentially is two bearing that sit in the top and bottom of a deck and allows the scooter to steer and perform tricks. Is a small part with a huge and important purpose. Headsets are one of the most commonly damaged parts, and have a huge effect on the safety and performance of the entire build. 



Compression Dust Cover

Two Headset Bearings

Crown Race

Note: Some forks have the crown race built in, eliminating the need for the one provided in this headset. This headset is intended for HIC or SCS forks only! no IHC


Compatibility: Integrated, Works with most decks and the majority of forks with intergraded crown races. The only problem that could rarely occur with compatibility would be the need for small spacers to ensure the dust cover does not make contact with the deck. Due to the mass amounts of parts and possible combinations ECX cannot guarantee full compatibility, but will continue to assist you if you have any issues.

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