River 'Sunfire' 115X30 Rapid Wheels

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NEW! Finally, The wheels the riders have asked for; 30 wide River Wheels!

These Wheels are Huge... Nice large PU profile for maximum stability and control.

From River: "Wider Decks require more Ground Clearance to sustain an optimal Carve-Angle so we created a wheel with a Diameter (D) of 115mm, a Width (W) of 30mm and a Profile Radius (R) of 24mm; specifically designed and recommended for Deck Widths of 5.5” and above.

With our 115mm Diameter,  you will automatically gain 2-3.5° on your Carve-Angle* compared to a traditional 110mm Diameter Wheel and with our “Flatter” R24mm Profile you can expect a more consistent wear pattern and a longer lifespan across the full 30mm Width of the Wheel as well as a larger Contact-Patch with the ground that increases grip, rolls over rougher cracked terrain, eases precision rides and provides a more stable balance point for Manuals"

These wheels come with High Quality River Flash Flood Bearings Pre-installed. 

The River Rapid Wheels are a high quality USA made wheel known to have a reliable ride and and some unique color ways that are known to make your scooter pop!

River wheels have a nice strong solid spoked core, so they are not the lightest wheels out there but it is rare you would have any issue with the core given how beefy it is.

The Rapid PU is the harder of the two types that River makes. This urethane is recommended if you ride on rougher surfaces (like street riding) or if you have a history of chucking wheels. Buff Core design helps prevent against de-hubbing!

Outer Diameter: 115mm

Core Width: 30mm

PU Width: 30mm

Weight: 11.6oz Per Wheel (w/Bearings)




*PU- Polyurethane

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