Tilt Formula Deck - Black

Size: 7" XXL
Sale price$230.00


The Tilt Formula deck is HUGE and built to last. Stand atop this wide masterpiece of a deck and feel the confidence of quality as you shred like never before. Internal fluting helps bring this gigantic ride well under 5lbs pounds; making it lighter than some decks with less width! Not that weight would be your first concern if this deck is an option for you! 5-0 Like a dream with this deck giving almost 3 inches on each side past the wheel. Practically begging for 30 wide wheels to be paired with it- buy the Tilt Formula now before its gone!

The Formula Decks features a welded fender and welded boxed ends. No silly plastic inserts to bend and crack off, just a beefy and beautifully rounded back end to grind and stall for as long as you can hold it! Fenders over brakes have become the standard for the style of riding that would benefit from a deck like this.

Tilt is the leader in quality when it comes to scooter products and their decks are top tier! The little details make a huge impact on the ride and durability of this deck. Hexagonal machining eliminated the hassle and need for most tools, just use a single hex-wrench to assemble and disassembled thanks to the built in nut-holder.  

Large (6.0 x 22.0"): 3.94lb
X-Large (6.5 x 22.8"): 4.28lb
XX-Large (7.0 x 23.5"): 4.56lb 

Foot Room: 15.5” / 16.2" / 17"

Head Tube Length: 4.1” 

Extrusion Height: 1” 

Accepts Wheel Size Up to: 120x30mm 

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