Tilt Method Deck

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The Method Deck is a unique part of Tilt’s Stage III collection that has an experimental, convex bottom; designed to mimick a well-worn deck.

This deck has an almost fully cutout middle section on the bottom. This eliminates unneeded material for weight saving, but also provides a bit more flex to match the needs of high impact scooter riders.  

Unlike the welded on fender found on the Formula decks, this new Method Deck has a countersunk oval bolt-hole; making it compatible with variety of brakes on the market. Swap the included fender for a brake, or rock out the included fender fit perfect for the Method Deck. 

Width: 6.2” 

Length: 22.2” 

Foot Room: 15.5” 

Head Tube Length: 4.1” 

Headtube Angle: 84°

Extrusion Height: 1”

Deck Weight with Hardware: 4 lbs 

Accepts Wheel Size Up to: 120x30mm


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